Neil Laughton

Neil Laughton will be known to many of you for his extraordinary work for charities across the South East alongside his Leadership Development courses. His good friend, Maarten Hoffmann reveals Neil’s latest endeavour…

I know Neil well and have been enthralled by his stories of the various adventures he has undertaken and his multiple entries in the Guinness Book of Records. Now at last, he has put pen to paper with his new book, Adventureholic.

I recall one particular time when, as a member of the Platinum Club, Neil was sent a reminder mail for that month’s meeting. I received a very calm and normal mail saying, “sorry, l can’t make it this month,” only to later find out that he sent the mail whilst trapped half way up Everest. An earthquake had occurred and he was caring for many people as they hid in a cave in fear for their lives. Recently, he asked me if l would like to join him paddle boarding down the Amazon (l said l was washing my hair and couldn’t make it!)

From hosting a record breaking dinner party on Mount Everest and playing golf at the Geographic North Pole, to piloting the world’s first road-legal flying car across the Sahara Desert, Adventureholic is an inspiration to all by the man who’s done it all.

Readers are invited to join Neil on a roller-coaster ride across the globe, gaining the necessary insight, confid-ence and inspiration to add a little more adventure into their own lives.

Adventureholic is filled with anecdotes in which Neil reminisces about the successes and failures he’s faced as an explorer, and at the end of each chapter, he reveals the key lessons he’s learned along the way. With adventuring top tips and cautionary tales, Adventureholic is a textbook on how to be adventurous – it just requires the reader to take the first step.

Neil’s next adventure takes him on a 400-mile charity cycle from Odessa to Chernobyl on his infamous Penny Farthing. Travelling from September 11th–24th, Neil will be stopping off in Kyiv along the way to host a book launch and celebrate the publication
of Adventureholic. This particular expedition aims to raise money for Siobhan’s Trust – Ukraine, who provide food and practical support to the huge number of displaced Ukrainians around the world.

Neil is a former Royal Marines Commando, helicopter pilot and Special Forces officer. He then became an entrepreneur, founding a dozen businesses in a variety of industries. He is currently focusing on building floating houses, running the Penny Farthing Club and mentoring business owners/CEOs. His lifelong passion for adventure has led him to organise and lead more than fifty expeditions on seven continents by land, sea and air, the most exciting of which are featured in this book.

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