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Outsourcing has become an increasingly popular strategy for businesses of all sizes and industries, offering numerous benefits and advantages.


Cost efficiencies

Hiring and maintaining an in-house finance team can be costly with financial responsibilities such as salaries, benefits, training and pensions adding up quickly. By outsourcing, you can reduce these expenses significantly. Outsourcing providers typically offer flexible pricing structures, allowing you to pay for the services you need without the additional overhead costs.


Access to expertise

Finance is a complex field that requires specialised knowledge and skills. Outsourcing the finance function gives you access to a team of experts who also benefit from knowledge gained across a range of different clients and industries.


Playing to your strengths

As the leader of your business, your primary focus should be on the overall direction and strategic goals. By outsourcing your finance function, you can free up your time and resources. This allows you to concentrate on growing your business and deploy existing team members to tasks where they can have the most impact.


Scalability and flexibility

Business needs are constantly changing, and the finance function must adapt accordingly. Outsourcing offers scalability and flexibility, allowing you to adjust the level of service based on your business requirements. Whether you need to expand or downsize your finance operations, an outsourcing provider can easily accommodate these changes, filling gaps when they appear and reducing service during down-time.


Access to tech

Keeping up with technological advancements and maintaining robust financial systems can be expensive for small and medium-sized businesses. Outsourcing allows you to leverage the latest technology and infrastructure without the high costs. Outsourcing providers invest in state-of-the-art financial software and tools, ensuring accurate and efficient financial operations.


How to get the most from your outsourced finance function

To get the most value out of the relationship, your outsourced finance function should become a key part of your team. A good provider will be entrenched in your day-to-day activities and understand your objectives in order to tailor their service to your goals.

Your needs will change as your business evolves and grows, and an outsourced finance team can support you at each step. For example, if your business is looking to seek new funding then perhaps additional FD support will be needed for a short time to get you through the process.

To find out more about how an outsourced finance function can support your business, get in touch.



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