Anger Management

The recent horror inflicted on Israel by Hamas recently can only appal every human on the planet but there are a couple of things that need to be noted in this ongoing nightmare.

Hamas say they represent the Palestinians, but they don’t. They represent Iran in their ingrained and totally illogical hatred of the Jews. But solving this age-old conflict will only ever come to pass when the Israelis, and the rest of the world, recognise that the Palestinians have a right to live, a right to peace and right to a decent life. Continuing to ignore that fact will result in this horror show continuing into the next century and beyond, with countless lives lost.

The Hamas puppet masters don’t give a damn about the dead, and the proof of that is their full knowledge of what Israel would do in response – invade Gaza, with the death and destruction of the Palestinians. Their aim is to see so many of them dead, that the US and Saudi Arabia will pull away from Israel. They want as many dead as possible to achieve their perverted and unachievable aims. Proof of this was clear when, following the Israelis order to evacuate the north of Gaza, Hamas terrorists blocked all roads out to ensure they were slaughtered.

The other issue is Great Britain, the country that placed the Jews there after WW2 and drew the lines of each country/state – the partition of Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state.

From 1920 to 1948, Britain held the mandate over Palestine. From the beginning, Britain pursued a pro-Zionist policy which facilitated the Zionist takeover of Palestine. The cornerstone of mandatory policy was to deny representative institutions until the Jews became a majority. When an Arab revolt broke out in 1936, the British army suppressed it with the utmost brutality. Palestine was not lost in the late 1940s, as is commonly believed, but in the late 1930s. Britain played a crucial, but still unacknowledged, role in the Palestinian tragedy.

In 1947 the United Nations voted for the partition of Palestine into two states: one Arab, one Jewish. Officially, Britain adopted a neutral position and declined to enforce the partition plan. In reality, it preferred its client, King Abdullah of Jordan, to take over the Arab part of Palestine. In British eyes, a Palestinian state was synonymous with a state of its enemy, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the leader of the Palestinian national movement. Hostility towards this movement was a constant theme in British policy in 1947-1949. This manifested itself in Britain’s secret backing for Abdullah’s bid to capture the West Bank, the heartland of the planned Arab state.

The regular armies of the neighbouring Arab states intervened in the conflict upon expiry of the British mandate, ostensibly to liberate Palestine. In reality, they served conflicting national agendas. The inability of the Arab states to coordinate their diplomatic and military strategies was one of the reasons for the Arab defeat. Following the invasion, the war in Palestine
degenerated into a general land grab.

The winners in this war were the Zionists, who expanded the territory of their state from the 55% of the partition plan to
78% of mandatory Palestine, and King Abdullah, who captured the West Bank and later annexed it to his kingdom.
The losers were the Palestinians. Three quarters of a million Palestinians became refugees and the name Palestine was wiped off the map.

After the horror of WW2, the Jews certainly needed a homeland and this was the obvious place, historically. But of all the locations in the world to re-house the Jews, an area where they were totally surrounded by Arab nations that despised them and wanted them dead –Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan, this was always going to be a tinderbox. To this day, mainly sponsored by Iran, the Jews have been under attack from all sides.

Therefore, we absolutely cannot blame Israel for defending themselves and fighting back against the barbaric Hamas terrorists but the world needs to come together and find a fix to this situation or we will have another hundred years of death, horror and destruction. The Israelis have a right to exist but so do the Palestinians.

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