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The EV market gets more confusing by the day, from normal cars with the engine removed to space age rocket ships with names no-one can pronounce. There is good, bad and the downright ugly, but here is the Platinum top 15 electric cars on the market.


1. PORSCHE TAYCAN – £79,200

The Taycan can absolutely entertain on the right road and is a delight to cruise in - a GT with the heart of a sports car. More importantly, it’s a proper Porsche that just happens to run on electricity.


2. TESLA MODEL 3 – from £42,000

While not without flaws, it is quite simply one of the most interesting, compelling cars in the world right now – although it can be a tad dull (like most EVs).


3. VOLVO XC40 RECHARGE – from £45,650

I loved the XC40 from the get-go. In battery-electric guise, the XC40’s worthier attributes – the thoughtful packaging, sense of well-being and design – are augmented by a remarkable new turn of speed and handling smarts.


4. HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 – from £42,665

This retro XXL hot hatch bodywork conceals one of the most complete family EVs money can buy, and is downright remarkable.


5. AUDI e-tron GT – from £86,135

Is it better than a Taycan? It offers a fraction more comfort and space and a smidge less speed, but really the differences are minute. It’ll come down to which brand you prefer and which body you’re drawn to.


6. BMW iX – from £69,905

The iX is a big comfy home-on-wheels, and a vast amount of technology has been poured into making sure the driver is soothed while the passengers kick back. But it’s the ugliest of the bunch.


7. TESLA MODEL Y – £44,000

This a great car to live with, before you get to the foolproof charging, frugal real-world electrical consumption, and all the other stuff that makes Teslas genius electric all-rounders.



The Megane is a car for people who know and like 'normal' cars. You'll find little of the bare design or eccentricity that mark out the VW ID3 or i3 or Leaf as 'pioneers'. It’s conventionally desirable and has a handsome, well-finished and easy-to-use cabin.


9. JAGUAR I-PACE – £69,995

The I-Pace won’t be for everyone, but hats off to Jaguar for making a car that steps boldly into the unknown, and still shows those pesky Germans the way.


10. MINI ELECTRIC – from £29,000

The Mini Electric is a very complete little EV. It preserves pretty much everything we like about a standard Mini Cooper S, but it’s more accelerative where it matters, and has zero emissions. It proves that the hot hatch will have a future as an EV.


11. MERCEDES-BENZ EQE – from £73,450

The EQE grasps all the advantages an EV promises – smoothness, peace, effortless performance and clever body packaging – and blends all of the above with everything Mercedes has learned over several decades of building luxury cars.


12. FIAT E500 – from £28,195

The 500 is small, but if you don’t need space, it could be your only car. That’s because it’ll go far enough on a charge to make motorway trips tenable. It’s trying harder to feel normal with a stylish, recognisable design and a quality feel.


13. VW ID.4 – from £40,415

Disappointed by the ID.3, the ID.4 plays against crossovers, and no-one buys a crossover for the driving, do they? Crossovers are family transit pods and judged through that lens, the ID.4 is right on target.


14. BMW i4 – from £49,995

It charges fast, and brisk driving or low temperatures don't harm the range as badly as some EVs. It doesn't look like a spaceship, but lots of people don't want that, which is why BMW does so well. This is a proper BMW.


15. POLESTAR 2 – from £78,900

The Polestar 2 is certainly handsome. The build quality will give Audi drivers PTSD, and there’s a real sense of common sense about the car; that it’s been designed to work seamlessly, not to wow you with gimmicks then wind you up further down the line.



“There is good, bad and downright ugly”

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