Chichester Free School

Please describe what your business does

Farrans Construction is a leading figure within the UK construction market, operating across both building and civil engineering divisions. Farrans was established in 1941 and became part of the global construction materials group CRH plc in 1978.

We bring a wealth of construction expertise to a wide range of sectors including education, local infrastructure, water, marine, private development and onshore energy.

Four main offices operate across Woking, Belfast, Cambridge and Edinburgh, acting to support site functioning and consolidate Farrans’ ever-growing presence throughout the UK.

What makes your business special?

Having celebrated more than 75 years’ delivering infrastructure and places of lasting benefit to our clients, Farrans understand that our success is reliant on our people.

With a low staff turnover, many of our employees have dedicated their entire career to the company, bringing clients a continuity of personnel, project after project.

Whether new employees or long-standing staff however, what sets Farrans apart is the way in which we do things. Our employees embody our core values in their daily operations – in everything we do, the Farrans people are focussed, approachable, caring and efficient. 

Regardless of what it is that we do, Farrans always ensure that teamwork is at the heart of our work ethic. We were delighted to receive formal recognition of this earlier this when, when we attained BS 11000 Collaborative Working accreditation.

Down through the years, working collaboratively – with Clients, consultants, the general public and each other – has been engrained in everything we do and sustained many long-standing relationships. We look forward to how this approach can really benefit the wider community in Woking.

How long have you been in Woking?

Having had a presence in the regional market for some time, Farrans was delighted to open a state-of-the-art office in Woking in June 2016.

The office currently supports seven sites in the Woking region, including flagship building projects such as Chichester Free School and Marjory Kinnon SEN school.

The 4,000 sq.ft. office space has 10 permanently-based staff and sees a constant flux of Farrans employees throughout the working week.

Why is Woking a good place to do business?

Farrans sought to create a tangible presence in Woking as its increasing population, ambitious plans for economic growth and strategic positioning within Surrey County represents an excellent opportunity for Farrans to deliver our vision of bringing lasting benefit to local communities.

Farrans is excited to play a role in realising the growth potential here – not only within Woking but across the entire South East of England. We genuinely believe that across a wide range of construction sectors, we can help to make a change for the better. Within that process, we are enthusiastic about engaging with the local businesses, council, chambers of commerce and key stakeholders, in order to ensure that the Farrans team understand the needs, wants and vision of the local people.

State-of-the-art projects such as Chichester Free School and Marjory Kinnon School have already proven the major benefits that we can help realise within this region. This has given the Farrans team a flavour of how to bring authentic value and growth to Woking and the wider area in the years ahead.

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