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Please describe what your business does.

Madlins LLP is a firm of Chartered Surveyors whose principal activities include Project Management, Construction Cost Consultancy and Quantity Surveying Services and Building Surveying.

How long have you been in Woking?

Based in Woking since June 2009 we provide advice to Clients on the cost, design, construction, repair, maintenance and refurbishment of properties generally located in London and the South East Region.

What experience do you have of working in Woking?

We are currently acting as Project Manager and Cost Consultant on the new build Space Office Scheme of 85,716 sq.ft. in Church Street East, Woking which is scheduled for completion in April 2019. We are also acting as Cost Consultant on the Victoria Gate Project in Woking, a 66,000 sq.ft. office refurbishment which is due for completion in December 2017. Previously, we acted as Project Manager and Cost Consultant on the conversion of White Rose Court from an office into the 110 bedroom Travelodge Hotel near Woking Station.

Why is Woking a good place to do business?

Woking is an excellent place for Madlins to do business because of its location, infrastructure and transport links which enable us to easily access the projects that we work on around the South East Region and in London.

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