Pests are categorised as a plant or animal detrimental to humans or human concerns. Some species have special protection by law, or restrictions on the methods that can be used. So an up-to-date understanding of the law and the correct methods to use to control each pest is a fundamental part of being a professional pest controller. It is also a key reason for making sure you use a professional company with the right credentials.

Whatever type of business you own, the power of social media and rating sites means that news of a pest infestation in your property can spread in minutes - leaving your customers scurrying away and your establishment’s reputation in tatters. 

That’s just one reason why it’s more important than ever before to limit the risk of pests in your premises. Not to mention the health and safety of your staff and customers and possibility of being prosecuted.

The solution is to make sure you have a pest control contract with approximately eight inspections a year – depending on your premises. Choose a contractor belonging to the British Pest Control Association, with all staff qualified to the RSPH Level Two, Health and Safety accreditations, full employers and public liability insurance and any other accreditations such as Safe Contractor which are relevant to your business.

Proofing against mice and rats should be looked at as part of an overall integrated pest control system. Install fly-control units in kitchens, catering areas, bin rooms and delivery bays to catch the flies before they enter the building. Units available include standard ‘sparking’ units and glue-board units that can be moved around affected areas, particularly in those premises that suffer from the Autumn cluster flies. 

Wasps, ants and cockroaches should be dealt with as quickly as possible and pest birds require specialist treatment ranging from netting, to special gels or the use of hawks to deter them from the area.

Cleankill has the licences to deal with any type of pest animal or insect. The company provides a detailed digital report at the end of each inspection which is available within minutes of the service being carried out. This will help you when environmental health officers inspect your premises. 

Cleankill has been solving pest problems for commercial and domestic customers since 2005. Using the most up-to-date pest-control techniques and technology, the company keeps its customers pest free and makes sure it is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to the use of pesticides and non-toxic pest control methodology.

As an Investor in People, all Cleankill’s staff are highly trained and offer an exceptionally fast and efficient level of service. For further information go to or call 020 8668 5477.

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