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Hello. We’re Kyan, a digital product agency, and we’ve called Guildford ‘home’ since we began in 2002. Our studio of 40+ designers, strategists and engineers build products and platforms for anyone with a big idea, whether they’re a dining room table startup or a global household brand.

Innovate or stagnate

Innovation is a word that conjures thoughts of speed, agility, problem solving, and perhaps a departure from more traditional thinking. And that’s exactly what we focus on at Kyan – better ways to do things. With better technology and the best people. 

Working with businesses large and small over the years, we’ve come to learn the challenges faced when bringing a digital product to market. Long, drawn-out projects, spiraling costs, and not having the right people being involved. We get it.

Better products, faster

Our approach to product design is what we call ‘Rapid Product Development’. We build better products, faster. Whether it’s a back-end platform, an app, or a complex financial system, we use a process that validates, tests and releases a market-ready product in weeks, not months.

At the core of this approach is ‘Design Sprints’. You may already have heard about sprints – companies like Google, eBay, Netflix and Airbnb use them to develop new products and features. If this is new to you, a design sprint is a process for answering critical business questions through collaborative design, prototyping and testing in a timeboxed period.

Build your best team

Teamwork and problem solving play a huge part in sprints, so the inclusion of key stakeholders from a variety of roles and levels makes for a more rounded experience. Including real customers gives invaluable insight into users’ individual experiences, and allows us to validate much of the work that takes place during the earlier stages.

The sprint takes place across five days. On day one, we work with the client to define the scope and identify challenges. Day two, we decide on solutions to these challenges, and which of these we will develop. Days three and four, we rapidly build a high-fidelity prototype, which is tested on day five.

By the end of the sprint, the idea is user-validated and market-ready. From there, it’s straight into a ‘Production Sprint’ to build out the product, and ‘Branding’, which will form creative areas of the product, such as identity, tone of voice, social assets and marketing collateral.

Let’s start something

We’ve been building products through this new process for long over a year now, and have seen the benefits over traditional approaches. Product design doesn’t have to be long and complicated. If you’d like to discuss your next big idea with us, drop in. Our bespoke development studio sits at the bottom of Guildford High Street. New faces are always welcome.

Please get in touch with us at:

w: kyan.com/surrey

e: hello@kyan.com

t: 01483 548282

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