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Are you ready for 2025? BT Openreach plan to switch off the ISDN telephone network meaning the telephony of millions of businesses will no longer be supported.  

From 2020 they will begin to cease new supplies, therefore preventing any upgrade or expansion capabilities. Organisations need to be aware that they should future-proof their business and look to change.

What’s the alternative?
IP technology, such as hosted VoIP, will replace the legacy ISDN technology. BT has invested heavily in IP and therefore it makes no sense to continue supporting and investing in ISDN.

Although there’s time to plan and implement the necessary changes, we could find that the support of ISDN starts to reduce as fewer engineers will be available and trained on the legacy ISDN technology.

What do you need to do?
There are a couple of options available. You could switch to SIP, which is able to control voice, video and messaging, by retaining your onsite telephone system (PBX) and making calls over a data connection. Or you could switch to hosted VoIP to give you greater flexibility. Hosted VoIP doesn’t need a telephone system onsite and many businesses and organisations have already made the move. 

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