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The exam period in late spring is often a very stressful one for schoolchildren and students with 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-level and degree level. If the candidate can be confident in his mastery of the material, this often translates into a calmer attitude to the coming exams. This is where preparing for exams several months in advance, by practicing past papers, filling in gaps in knowledge, and refining techniques pays off, and where Willow Study Hub have a role.

Each exam requires particular techniques and test-taking skills, as well as knowledge of the course content. The course moves from the broader discussion and class approach to the individual focused on his very solo ability to answer the specific kinds of questions in the tests. Children are too young to self-manage efficiently. It requires help to know what to focus on and when. Individual supervision is needed to navigate the approach to each type of question and to determine the specific gaps in knowledge or technique.

More parents are making use of the many private tutors available, usually with experience in teaching in educational institutions, to provide the individual guidance to complement the school. Children respond well to concentrated individual attention, naturally following the tutor’s lead and focusing completely on the work at hand. An hour or two per week per subject is the usual format, with English and Maths most in demand at Willow, not surprisingly as these are complex skills underlying almost all other subjects - and every child is required to have good grades in these at GCSE to go further, as well as being the essential content of 11+ exams.

It is interesting to hear what parents say about private tuition in Willow Study Hub:

Kate: “Willow Study Hub is a great discovery for me. My daughter loves Maths lessons with Anna. She always challenges, motivates, explains the material in a very understandable way. The fact that the group is small gives my daughter an opportunity to spend more time with the teacher directly.”

Sophia: “Since going to Willow, my son had a big boost in his confidence and improved his academic achievements.”

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