One of the biggest challenges business owners face right now is wondering where their next dream client is going to come from.

The pandemic has added another level of difficulty to this, as many businesses are too busy fighting for survival to be interested in talking to a sales person (especially the current breed of spray and pray merchants who are stalking LinkedIn at the moment – but that’s another article!)

For many organisations, this has meant sales forecasts have had to be ripped up or downgraded significantly, and the deals they were banking on happening this year being pushed back to next year, or not happening at all. 

Added to this, is the increased need for businesses to manage overheads and costs in order to be in better shape for survival, including outsourcing some functions to give them greater flexibility and control.

AWB Consulting was created to provide business owners with a flexible and cost effective solution to this problem, by providing a range of outsourced business development services that takes the stress away from trying to find new clients and frees up their time to focus on running their business. 

Founded by Andy Boothroyd, who has over 20 years senior experience working across blue chip organisations and SMEs, AWB Consulting will work with you (physically or remotely) providing the expertise, strategies and tactics to help identify new buyers, develop new relationships and nurture leads, to ensure your business remains front of mind with your prospects.

Andy commented “Many business owners I speak to are extremely good at what they do, but they are frightened of selling and don’t really know where to start. In some cases, they are reluctant to employ dedicated resource due to the high costs involved, or they have had to lay staff off due to the pandemic. Now, they can get access to sales expertise and the latest tools and techniques, but only pay for what they need, which might be as little as one day per week”.   

So whether you need advice and support to maximise your LinkedIn presence, interim consultancy to identify new markets, or a more strategic programme to identify and nurture your key target prospects, AWB Consulting will be able to tailor a flexible package to suit your business and your budget.


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Tel: 0203 77 333 03

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