Based on the standard V8 F-Type, the SVR is taken off the production line and secreted into the Special Vehicle Operations department for a few weeks and ‘tinkered’ with. As weight is the enemy of performance, they chuck out anything that is superfluous to requirements and work hard to save every gram possible. The exhaust is made from titanium saving 16kg, the forged alloy wheels save 13.8kg, they redesigned the suspension knuckles to save 0.6kg and the carbon ceramic brakes save 21kg - you get the idea, this thing is supermodel lean and almost causes a sense of shame to sit my fat backside into it, as that adds 13 stone! Then they fiddle with the aerodynamics to reduce drag and then, best of all, they recalibrate the engine to deliver 575bhp and 700nm of torque that delivers 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 200mph. Then they pop an all-wheel drive system in to ensure you don’t die when trying to corner.

I reviewed the F-Type a year or so ago and it is a cracking car. Stylish, smooth and as quick as you like with a 2.0-litre turbocharged, 3.0-litre V6 and the 5.0-litre V8 supercharged, there really is something for everyone. Then you can have it in coupe form or convertible. But as with everything, that is not enough. Step up the monster SVR.

I know l bang on about exhaust notes but l have to say this is one of the sexiest out there and it just begs you to drive it through a tunnel, so l did. In France, Belgium and Germany over the course of a week

We took three cars on the Chunnel and were in France in a jiffy and then out of France as fast as sensible. By the way, a note of caution - if you take very expensive cars on the train book as a high sided vehicle, as then you get a wider wheel track in the carriage. The result of failing to do this was demonstrated as we alighted and stopped to empathise with a guy in a Lamborghini Aventador who was almost crying at the state of his wheel rims that were scarred around their full circumference, leaving him with a likely £5,000 bill.

The SVR leapt into action without pause and the needle was showing 150mph in the blink of an eye and, l know l might bore you with this from time to time, it delivers a gorgeous pop and crack every time it changes gear and the overrun on the down shift was enough to make me realise that even a date with Heidi Klum is a very poor substitute for exactly what l was doing. It is spine tinglingly fantastic and totally addictive. Now a funny thing happens at these speeds. As your focus is absolute, you cannot stop noticing out the corner of your eye that the scenery starts to merge into a green blur as l used to see in the old Star Trek shows when they went to hyper-drive and the passing stars transform into one constant streak of light. I hit the magic number at 17.48 on August 24th 2017 and l note it as l have never travelled at 200mph in a car before and therefore that is the exact time my cherry was taken.

The car was steady as a rock and just feeds confidence into the cockpit but there was a slight lifting of the nose that was a tad disconcerting and, at 201mph, l lifted off and realised that my hands were bloodless from the death grip on the wheel, l was a little sweaty and l had forgotten to breathe for an age.

The cornering is remarkable, the speed is frantic and the look of the machine is gorgeous - what more one could ask out of life l just do not know.


  • Model tested: F-Type SVR
  • Engine: 5.0-litre V8 supercharged
  • Power: 575bhp
  • Performance: 0-62mph 3.5 seconds
  • Top: 200mph
  • Economy: 25.0mpg combined
  • Price from: £110,880

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