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Digital technology is redefining the way every industry is operating. Organisations are reinventing themselves to create new revenue streams, exceptional customer experiences, and even entirely new business models. Those not leveraging technology are quickly being left behind. 

Digitalisation can drive huge leaps in business performance through improved productivity, business insight and better decision-making. Automation and streamlining of business processes is freeing up more time to invest in initiatives that will grow the business. 


It’s no surprise that 86% of CEOs believe that technology will change their business more than any other trend in the next five years (according to PWC CEO Survey). 

But digital transformation is not just about technology – it’s a business strategy that requires leaders to re-evaluate their existing business models and embrace a wholly different way of bringing together their people, data, and processes to create real value for their customers and capture new opportunities for their business. 

Embracing digital enables you to: 

◗ Engage customers with personalised experiences 

◗ Empower employees for success with a collaborative, ‘anytime-anywhere’ data-driven culture 

◗ Optimise operations with smart processes that accelerate response times and ultimately reduce costs 

◗ Transform your product and service offering for the better 

◗ Use the right software and harness the power of your data 

Intelligent business applications like Microsoft Dynamics365, Power BI and Microsoft Teams are the ultimate enablers of digital transformation and collaboration. 

Businesses now have masses of data at their fingertips. The challenge is how to enable business leaders to make better and more timely decisions to drive business performance and to allow customer-facing employees to have better customer insight to improve customer experiences and drive up loyalty. 

Organisations should identify capability to modernise the business. Microsoft Dynamics has an integrated set of business applications, each delivering capability that supports all areas of the business. Businesses should identify priorities for a phased delivery to ensure business change can be embraced at a pace that is culturally acceptable. 


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Cloud9 Insight is an award-winning business change consultancy and Microsoft Gold Partner for Dynamics365, helping SMB clients navigate the future of the modern workplace. 

Recognition in 2019 includes Gatwick Diamond’s ‘Investing in People for Business Success’ Award, and voted in the top 20 SME Companies for Culture. Carlene is frequently featured in the media, including BBC Global, to discuss technology trends and the importance of culture to create a modern workplace. 

◗ If you’d like a free consultation to discuss how companies in your industry are adapting to the digital revolution, email hello@cloud9insight.com or call 01273 921510

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