Croydon Rising

Richard Plant, chair of Develop Croydon, tells the story of the massive regeneration.

When eight businesses got together to promote their town in 2011, they would never have believed in their wildest dreams just how quickly Croydon would transform. Ian Trevett meets Richard Plant, Partner at Stiles Harold Williams, and also Chairman and Founding Member of Develop Croydon.

The map of Croydon is almost obliterated by orange boxes marked with digits from 1 to 49. Each number, on the map in Croydon News, represents a new development, either being built, approved or in the pipeline. The developments are so prolific, it is hard to find a square yard of land that is being left untouched.

In last month’s issue of Platinum Business Magazine, council leader Tony Newman declared, “this is the fastest development programme in London.” He wasn’t kidding.

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Richard Plant

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