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Percept Imagery is working towards aligning the vision of property developers and architects with that of the buyers through immersive experiences. Their bespoke virtual reality solutions targeted for each of them make sure that the buyer experience is at the heart of everything they do.


Tell us about your journey into entrepreneurship?

Akshay and Rohan, the two young founders of Percept Imagery, started off by introducing Immersive 3D technology in their solutions for Architectural Visualisation in India 3 years ago. 

Rohan:  We made acquaintance through a common friend we were working with. We knew at once that together, with our complementary strengths, we can achieve a lot more. In few weeks, we were working on our first visualisation project as a new business and we’ve never looked back since.

Akshay:   As a budding startup, UK is the place to be as the VR industry is soaring to new heights here. We came across the opportunity of moving to UK about a year ago. Rohan (Masters at University of Sussex) and I (Bachelors at Bournemouth University), both being graduated in the UK, and we knew the importance of the opportunity and grabbed it at once. Now that we are here, we are ready to make some waves with our work!


In five years time what impact will your business have on the world?

In five years time, we would like to impact the fundamental ways of a property being designed, planned, built, sold and bought. For each of these stages, we intend to introduce a better and efficient solution with our cutting edge technology in VR that will save the valuable resources such as time, efforts and most importantly, natural resources and building materials, thereby making us a green initiative.


What’s your #1 tip for fellow entrepreneurs?

If something has never been done before, all the more reason to do it, because you might just end up changing the world.


How has the NatWest Accelerator programme helped to accelerate you and your business? 

The NatWest Accelerator is the new home to Percept Imagery in Brighton. Apart from providing us office space, the programme is helping us to run a better business, in more than one way. Kristina and Olivier, the accelerator managers at the hub, are helpful in identifying our strengths and weaknesses as well as how to play to/remedy them in the best possible way. From brainstorming a new business strategy, to getting feedback on its implementation, to introducing us to the key people in the industry, the NatWest Accelerator programme is proving to be a real ally for growing entrepreneurs such as ourselves. 


What are you most excited about right now? 

Our current run as a Department for International Trade endorsed, investor-backed and NatWest supported business is upping the game as we are set to introduce more intuitive and personalised virtual reality solutions for real estate and architecture industry, here in UK. We are excited to make an impact on the real estate industry with our cutting-edge, hyper-realistic and most importantly, portable virtual reality solutions. You should see people’s expressions of awe when they try out our unbuilt property experiences. A lot of them feel compelled to reach out to touch, it’s that real. In with the new, out with the old has never been so relevant.


Visit our website at
www.perceptimagery.com for more information and follow us on twitter @perceptimagery for updates. If you are interested in trying out incredible VR experiences we have to offer hands-on, shoot us an email at hello@perceptimagery.com to arrange a demo.


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