Castle Fine Art’s new look Brighton gallery is set to redefine the way you experience, view and buy art.

Located in the heart of The Lanes, Brighton’s number one destination for art has been established in the town for more than six years and sees contemporary meet classic in a gallery setting.

Specialising in original works and signed limited editions, Castle Fine Art boasts an extensive collection sure to enchant and inspire. Artworks by cultural icons such as Bob Dylan and Ronnie Wood can be found on gallery walls, alongside pieces from critically acclaimed artists making their mark on today’s art scene. 

Discover new art by Stuart McAlpine Miller

A collection of graphics by critically acclaimed artist, Stuart McAlpine Miller, has been unveiled at Castle Fine Art. 

McAlpine Miller created A Time for Reflection: The Savoy Suite for London’s Savoy Hotel in 2012 and the collection is inspired by some of the hotel’s iconic guests. The original paintings still hang in The Savoy’s Thames Foyer, and now a selection of eight signed, limited-edition prints are available to purchase for the first time. 

Capturing some of Hollywood’s biggest names, from Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner to Frank Sinatra and Charlie Chaplin, A Time for Reflection: The Savoy Suite sees McAlpine Miller adopt the signature style that has earned him international recognition. Using subtle tones of paint to create the illusion of transparencies in each painting, the artist has sought to celebrate the legacy of each icon and cement the parts they played in modern history. 

He says: “This series of eight paintings concentrates on two essential elements: the sheer majesty and beauty that is The Savoy, together with the glamour of iconic idols that has been and will continue to be an integral part of this historic hotel. 

“The eight subjects not only serve to remind us of an era of great hope and aspirations but also allow us to consider both progress and future achievement. 

“Having gone through something of a renaissance, The Savoy has continued to achieve a standard which might otherwise be lost in this throwaway society where everything is replaceable. The paintings hope to both remind us of the more important elements behind the character and the opportunities which lie ahead.” 

Stuart McAlpine Miller has a modern style, but he is still an admirer of traditional Old Masters such as Caravaggio and Bosch. He nevertheless says he is most influenced by pop art pioneer Andy Warhol, following the cult painter’s ethos that art is ultimately “a throw away thing that has value”. 

Speaking about the artist, critic Estelle Lovatt said: “Looking at McAlpine Miller’s paintings it’s hard to believe the canvases are painted by hand. He is one of the most creative minds in art today, and he’s established a process that follows no Masters.  Creating his own genre – let me call it ‘Supernatural-Realism’.” 

The Savoy has long enjoyed an affiliation with the arts, and has earned a renowned artistic pedigree. The hotel began its Artist in Residence program in 1901, with Claude Monet being the first to hold this prestigious title. He famously painted views of the Thames and its iconic bridges from his top floor room, just as Whistler later sketched the scaffolding during The Savoy’s extensive program of refurbishment. 

For more information on the new collection A Time For Reflection, please contact the gallery. 

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