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Being active and eating a healthy diet can be daunting enough normally, but it can be particularly hard after over-indulging on a summer break. Here are Wave’s tips on how to be more active after a few too many sangrias on your holiday. 

Choosing the right activity 

When you’re out of your routine, motivating yourself to be more active can be hard. Whether you’re planning on going to the gym, for a swim, or to a class, packing a bag the night before with everything you’ll need will help. You can be more active in hundreds of different ways, so make sure you choose the right one for you.

Wave gyms are staffed with teams of fitness and health professionals who are on hand to create goal-specific programmes, making it easy to get started.  

Group exercise classes can be great for keeping you motivated. Wave runs a variety of classes, like indoor cycling, aqua aerobics, HIIT and fitness pilates – so there is something for everyone!

Swimming is low impact, unlike running, so you can do a cardiovascular work-out without putting stress on your body. It’s also a particularly relaxing form of exercise, so is great if you’re stressed about returning to work.   

Fuelling an active lifestyle 

Fuelling your body with nutritious food is a necessity, so make sure your diet is balanced, with lean proteins (e.g. chicken breast, eggs, soy and yogurt), complex carbohydrates (sweet potato, oats, whole grains and rice) and healthy fats (avocado, oily fish, nuts and cheese). 

Do not embark on a crash diet! It can be tempting but if you don’t consume enough calories you will feel hungry and be more likely to snack on foods which aren’t as good for you. 

Improving mental health

Heading back to work after time off can be stressful, meaning being more active isn’t always appealing. However, exercising can help to boost your energy levels by releasing ‘feel good’ endorphins, improving confidence, and norepinephrine – a hormone which helps your brain deal with stress. 

You don’t have to exercise to exhaustion every day to improve your mental health. Small changes can make a big impact – research states that just five minutes of activity in a natural green environment (e.g. grassy or tree-lined) can boost your mood and self-esteem. Going for a stroll on your lunch break may improve your mental health as well as helping to burn more energy in a day. Research shows that getting active on your lunchbreak can also help you to be more productive when you get back to your desk. 

Sarah Nash, (pictured right) Wave’s Group Exercise Coordinator, has five top tips for improving your day at work:

Prepare nutritious meals at home, and get the whole family involved – it can be great fun!

Ensure you drink plenty of water (at least two litres per day) to help brain function.

Move more on Mondays – research shows you’re 76% more likely to exercise again in the week.

Invest in comfortable gym clothes that make you feel good and encourage you to workout.

Get seven to eight hours of sleep a night, at least five nights a week, to feel more awake and refreshed.

Has your company signed up to a corporate membership with Wave? Head to
www.waveleisure.co.uk/memberships for more information on how your team could benefit from unlimited gym, swim and classes and the chance to tailor a bespoke package suited to you.  

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