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Yes RIP - you did read that right - it’s not a typo! By this, I mean Retired in Post! They come in most days, they are at their desk or work station but they really aren’t engaged in their work, they are less than productive, they might talk too much, they might not talk at all, they could be disruptive to your team, they could be the disgruntled employee that sits in the corner bringing everyone down. RIP, also known as presentism, means they are in work physically, there is a body at the desk but mentally they are 1000s of miles away.

We all know them; we all have them at some point in our company. It’s not ideal, they are miserable; they invariably bring the staff around them down, or worse still to their level of unproductiveness. In addition, do you know whose fault it is? YOURS!

Are your team engaged? Staff engagement ensures your employees contribute to the team as a whole but it also ensures the below;

Twice the net profit

2.5 times the revenue growth

12% higher customer satisfaction

59% more innovation and creativity – essential for business success in today’s ecology

18% higher productivity

40% lower employee turnover

35% more efficiency 

38% fewer accidents – downtime

Who doesn’t want an outstanding team, performing at its optimum output, in an office, in engineering, manufacturing or a retail environment?

We have a responsibility as the employer to look after our people. That means putting them in the right job, in the right team, in the right environment mentally and physically where they can perform to their very best whatever might be going on in their personal lives. You are kidding yourself as an employer if you think you can separate the two. That employee might end up moving departments, they may end up leaving the company, ideally, they will re-engage, but what will happen is that you have a team that is left fully engaged and working 100% – Win: Win.

If I told you we could help with your staff’s engagement, their absenteeism, their contribution to the team, their happiness in the workplace, their performance and mental well-being at minimal cost and minimal disruption as well as the above would that be worth an hour of your time? 

We can show you a significant return on investment with one no pressure conversation. Call us on 01424 830000 or email me at

Stats taken from “The Thrive Report”: – Government 2018

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