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Having been reviewing cars for over a decade, l thought it high time l summarised my thoughts and presented, for your delight and delectation, my choice of cars of the decade.

I have left out certain cars – those super and hyper cars that you will never drive and never even see as they are produced in limited numbers, snapped up from pictures alone by high net worth individuals and investment consortiums and stuffed into a garage as an investment, never to see the light of day until auction time, where the same process starts all over again. Eliminated cars such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani and Koenigsegg. 

Drive these cars on the road laying down a coupe of thousand miles, and the value plummets. Hide them away in a temp controlled garage and you can see an increase of up to 50% a year! I am not interested in these cars, l want cars we can use, enjoy and drive every day. I make no apology for the number of German cars in the line-up as they are just some of the best cars built today and every other manufacturers benchmark.

Here are my CARS OF THE DECADE followed by my all-important top CAR OF THE DECADE...



Fiat 500
This is a hoot of a car with bags of personality and it makes me smile when l drive it. Definitely top of the pile.

Audi A1
Great build quality and it will run forever. Stylish design and faultless quality.

Mini 5dr
Sold by the bucket load and still great value and a cool personality


Mercedes A-Class
Great build quality, great ride and great residual. Brand new model with a floating dash.

Audi A3
Nippy round town, good space and great build quality

VW Golf
An icon that still draws the buyers because it is a great car


BMW 5 Series
An old stalwart that’s been around for an age but still going strong as the car of choice for the executive

Mercedes E-Class
Also been around a while but the new models are smooth and classy

Audi A8
Larger than the rest but a great car loaded with kit


Jaguar F-Pace
I really like this car. Great looks and a great price. It is more stylish than its rivals.

Audi Q5
Audi’s SUV flagship, solid, spacious and a great drive

Alfa Stevio
Alfa’s don’t fall apart anymore and this is a winner for the company


Audi A4
Solid as a Panzer tank and a great drive with the right engine

BMW 4 Series
Replaced the tired 3-Series, solid and a good involving drive

Jaguar XE
JLR have been doing well lately and this is a great saloon option


Range Rover
The best of the best since 1970. Nothing even comes close. Still going strong, the Range Rover just gets better and better and still trumps all-comers when it comes to all-round day-to-day use.

Volvo XC90
Since the Chinese bought the company, some great cars are being produced

Mercedes GLE
A great new model with style and tremendous build quality


Audi RS5
Rip your face off speed with five seats. Love it.

Mercedes AMG E63
Fast as hades, full of kit and bags of style.

BMW M5 Comp Pack
The perennial favourite, with flair and massive speed - if you can control it.


Alpine A110 
An old badge reborn, great looks and hilarious fun sideways

Porsche 718 Cayman
A shape that is little changed for the past 100 years perhaps but a great car in this sector

Audi TT RS
No longer a hairdresser’s car but a barnstorming drive and fast as hell


Tesla Model S
A stunning car that shows what electricity can do to our everyday motoring lives. Stupidly expensive but stupendously fast.

Jaguar I-Pace
I really like this car, it is highly useable and bags of style

Tesla Model 3
At last an affordable mass market Tesla – it should take over the world – if the world ever fits enough charging stations


Audi RS6 Avant
A monster of a car that will carry a sideboard at supercar speeds

BMW 5-Series Touring
The extended back just adds to the appeal as it drives like the saloon

Mercedes E-Class Estate
Again, as good as the saloon with bags of room and style

The UK’s top selling cars in 2018:


Ford Fiesta 52,921
VW Golf 39,220
Ford Focus 37,988
Vauxhall Corsa 34,653
Nissan Qashqai 34,498
Mercedes A-Class 33,486
VW Polo 27,455
Ford Kuga 25,116
Mini 24,125
Kia Sportage 22,367

The UK’s most unreliable manufacturers in 2018:


Peugeot 77
Skoda 88
Hyundai 90
Nissan 94
Suzuki 94
Vauxhall 95
Kia 101
Mini 103
Volvo 106
Honda 109

The world’s fastest cars in 2018:

Koenigsegg Agera RS £1.7m
Hennessey Venom GT £1.1m
Bugatti Chiron £2.6m
W Motors Fenyr SS £1.4m
Pagani Huayra £3.2m
Zenvo TS1 GT £1.1m
Noble M600 £200,000
Lamborghini Aventador S £350,000
Ford GT £420,000
McLaren 720S £208,000

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