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Many Sussex-based businesses are starting the new decade in a strong position, significantly contributing to the national economy and the Sussex Super Growth Awards 2020 return to recognise this success and the top 47 from the county.

Sponsored by asb law, Lloyds Bank and Kreston Reeves with Platinum Publishing as media partner, the Sussex Super Growth Awards celebrate the fastest-growing companies across the region.

New for this year are two additional categories to recognise business growth in the region; ‘Exporters’ – Sussex businesses with the fastest international growth and nine companies join our finalists from this category. Also, ‘Other Major Players’ – trading in Sussex but owned outside of the country and nine businesses from this category also join our finalists. They join the 29 True Sussex businesses who are privately owned and trading and led from the county, to make up our 47 finalists. 


Inclusion in the Sussex Super Growth Awards is purely down to the success and growth of these businesses and we are delighted to recognise their achievement. Whether that is down to innovation, market improvement, acquisition or diversification, these finalists should all be very proud to be part of such an elite group.

The sponsors have visited each of the finalists and they will be ranked in order which will be revealed at an Awards breakfast hosted by writer and broadcaster Simon Fanshawe OBE on Wednesday March 18th 2020 at The American Express Community Stadium.

Congratulations to this year’s finalists who represent the True Sussex, Exporters and Other Major Players who are leading the business community here in the region.

Adelphi (Tubes) Ltd 
Cordek Ltd 
Frontier-Pitts Ltd 
Instrument Technology Ltd 
Parafix Holdings Ltd 
Rhopoint Holdings Ltd 
The Lodge Group Ltd 
The Little Group Ltd
World Of Books Group Ltd

Other major players
Cancom UK Managed Services Ltd 
Lemo (UK) Ltd 
Mecmesin Ltd 
Mediwin Ltd 
Posturite Ltd 
Spellman High Voltage Electronics Ltd
Tesla Engineering Ltd 
The Luxury Travel Group Ltd 
William Reed Business Media Ltd 


True Sussex businesses
Adelphi (Tubes) Ltd 
Aspen Pumps Ltd 
Chandlers Building Supplies Ltd 
Dual Energy Direct Ltd 
1st Central Insurance Management Ltd 
Focus 4 U Ltd. 
Frontier-Pitts Ltd 
Global 4 Communications Ltd 
Hargreaves Property Holdings Ltd 
H Ripley & Co. Ltd 
Instrument Technology Ltd
Jarvis Tech Ltd 
Kew (Electrical Distributors) Ltd
MPI (Holdings) Ltd 
Neville & More Ltd
Owen Contractors Holdings Ltd
Parafix Holdings Ltd 
Park Cameras Ltd 
Pet Family Ltd 
Pilbeam Holdings Ltd 
Psi - Pay Ltd 
Rhopoint Holdings Ltd 
Seevent Plastics Holdings Ltd 
Temple Group Ltd 
The Lodge Group Ltd 
The Little Group Ltd 
Time 24 Ltd 
Westridge Construction Ltd
World Of Books Group Ltd 

Gavin Potter, Growth Relationship Director, at Lloyds Gatwick office, commented ‘’With the Super Growth Awards now an established fixture on the Sussex business calendar, we look forward to another successful opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our most successful fast-growth companies.’’ 

Nicola Billen,
Partner and Head of Business Relationships at asb law comments “We all know that the last few years have been incredibly challenging for businesses. Uncertainty over what will unfold in the future has undoubtedly affected business confidence and investment and continues to do so. Yet, despite this, Sussex Super Growth 2020 is back to celebrate those that are facing these issues head on and still achieving remarkable growth. These companies deserve to be recognised and celebrated. We are delighted to be able to work with businesses to help them address their own challenges, achieve growth and deliver shareholder value.”

Paul Roe, Partner at Kreston Reeves comments: “Sussex Super Growth 2020 is the most exclusive member’s club for businesses operating in Sussex, who are contributing to the local economy and we want to recognise this growth and the achievement of their business in these challenging times.”

Analysis of the leading growth businesses in the county reveals 38% of them this year are from the manufacturing sector. This is no surprise given during the first eight months of 2019, the manufacturing sector enjoyed a rollercoaster ride with unprecedented levels of stock piling during the first quarter ended March 31st 2019. Import activity increased by approximately 11%, output activity increased by 22% resulting in a one third increase in demand for warehousing space.   

We know that this increase in activity was as a direct result of the pending departure from the EU on March 29th 2019 (delayed eventually until January 31st 2020) and was there to cater for the potential disruptions that could have arisen at our UK ports following a “no deal” Brexit.   Indeed, many manufacturing companies experienced a surge in sales activity during this quarter as many customers were accelerating buying decisions for fear of the potential negative effects of a “no deal” Brexit. 

Broadly across the UK manufacturing sector as a whole the first quarter gains were followed by a ‘slump’ as many manufacturers ran down surpluses previously built up. Significantly, export customer demand decreased as overseas customers sought to access alternative manufacturers in the EU rather than the UK, which was due to the increasing fear of non-supply following a “no deal” scenario which was averted at the end of October 2019.   

The UK remains the centre of new product innovation and development. Corporate taxes in the UK are one of the lowest within the G7 and UK financial infrastructure makes it an attractive place for overseas business to incorporate and trade. Businesses will be relieved to now have certainty following Britain’s departure from the EU in order to plan for the future. They will be hoping for a trade deal with the EU and a smooth transition at the end of December 2020.

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