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Offering a two pronged approach to clean and sanitise your home or office.

We clean using our specialist eco-friendly, non- toxic disinfectant XtraProtect which has passed independent laboratory tests proving it is effective against all enveloped viruses including all Coronaviruses (to BS EN 14476 standards).

As an added layer of sanitisation, we’ll use UVC Germicidal Light. Used for over 40 years in hospitals aiding in disinfecting air and surfaces killing fungi, bacteria, superbugs, SARS, MERS and other coronaviruses and safe to use for domestic use.

Our highly trained and friendly maids are here to help keep you, your family and loved ones safe.

Our HomeSafe cleaning system allows us to clean and sanitise your home whilst keeping you, your family and our staff’s health our priority.



Ultra-violet germicidal light has been used extensively in hospitals and laboratories for over 40 years. It destroys fungi, mould, bacteria, and viruses & is now available for use in your home & office. Germicidal light disinfects air and surfaces outright!

What is UVC Germicidal Light and how does it work?
Ultraviolet technology is a non-chemical approach to disinfection. UVC light is part of the light spectrum with wavelengths from 100 nanometers (nm) to 280 nm. The light works by deactivating the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens thus destroying their ability to multiply & cause disease. In fact, when the organism tries to replicate, it dies.

This means that germicidal devices can be placed in rooms to illuminate floors, surfaces, walls, ceilings and the air in between.The device will be left to run whilst killing all pathogens illuminated by the UVC light. Unlike ‘fogging’ which may damage art, wood, furniture etc, this technology can be used on all porous and non-porous materials.

Although Germicidal light is a non-chemical sanitation method, it is important to note that the devices emit powerful UV light which can severely damage skin & eyesight when in operation. Therefore it is best to leave the UVC disinfection to professionals, trained in its usage

For more information on our HomeSafe Cleaning procedures and sanitation service please email or call 01273 289878

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