There are many offerings available for team building, incentive and educational days in our area but none quite like the offering from Laughton & Co.

Founder Neil Laughton did not start the business because he had little else to do but rather, he is a former Army Officer who joined the Royal Marines in 1983 and won the coveted Green Beret.

That not being quite enough, he applied for the SAS and was awarded the sandy coloured beret with the now famous winged dagger logo, bearing the motto ‘Who Dares Wins’, later coined by Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses.

In 1992, he was awarded his parachute wings, completed an explosives and demolition course at Hereford and was then commission at Sandhurst. After serving in A Squadron, 21 SAS as a Troop Commander until 2003 when he resigned his commission at the rank of Captain.

Rather than pipe and slippers, Neil decided to become an entrepreneur and an adventurer. He founded a business that grew to £40m turnover and was then sold to a FTSE 100 in 2011. We have compiled a short list of his adventurous escapades.

All the expeditions were aimed at raising money for worthy causes and hundreds of thousands of pounds have been donated to many charities including Mary’s Meals, Global Angels and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Neil lives in the South Downs National Park at Henfield set in 5-acres, and since his army days, he has completed Post-Graduate studies in Business and after joining the Institute of Directors in 2007, he was awarded the Institutes Certificate of Company Direction in 2011.

Laughton & Co uses his beautiful property in Henfield as a base for Discovery, Teamwork and Adventure, the key ingredients for success, wealth and happiness according to Neil. There can be no better person to run these inspirational programmes.

The venue is also superbly suitable for social distancing. The Dog House is a separate area on the property, by the pool, that acts as a club house for all the events Neil offers.

Neil’s philosophy for success, wealth and happiness:

DISCOVERY is about being curious, understanding oneself and know- ing one’s limitations. It’s also a life- long commitment to learning, gaining knowledge and sharing experiences that will aid our personal and professional development.

TEAMWORK enables us to improve our communication skills, to develop our style of leadership and to collaborate more effectively with our colleagues. There is nothing better than a team working together in complete harmony.

ADVENTURE builds our capacity for taking risks, for being innovative and it helps us cope better in the face of adversity. It prevents procrastination and encourages us to take action whilst ensuring we have fun along the way!

LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT is the reason why humans are the dominant species on our planet. We design and deliver bespoke training programmes that will improve your leadership, teamwork and performance. These events can be held at Laughton & Co HQ, at a venue of your choice or on a hillside where social distancing is easier.

THE INSPIRATION PROGRAMME is a selection of special journeys lasting between 4-10 days offering inspirational adventures, personal development and immersive conservation experiences in remote parts of the world. Guests return from these retreats more self aware, rejuvenated and inspired to make transformational changes in their lives.

The BUSINESS SUPPORT GROUP is a leadership development and coaching programme for senior business executives who meet on a monthly basis. Meetings start with some networking, followed by lunch and then an inspirational guest speaker addresses the members. The session concludes with a facilitated problem solving group discussion.

In the new ’normal’ world we are all inheriting, there is a major need for building new teams, developing senior executives and supporting each other. This is exactly what Laughton & Co offers, by an inspirational man in a unique location.

Laughton & Co Ltd South Col House Henfield Road
Small Dole, BN5 9FT
T: 01903 815635
M: 07973 289552

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