Since 2018, Jeremy Taylor's business, The Company Connector has introduced dozens of large organisations to the people who matter most to them – stakeholders and potential partners.

Using London Gatwick airport as a hub, he has shaken more hands than he cares to remember and built countless networks, both for international trade delegations and for British exporters. But overnight the Covid crisis has halted all conferences, turned Gatwick into a ghost town and sent travel bookings tumbling.

Jeremy has therefore pivoted to create a new business – ViTex, the Virtual Trade Experience. With international conferences off the agenda for the foreseeable future, ViTex enables Brit- ish exporters to connect virtually to trading partners overseas and helps foreign trade delegations make vital connections with UK businesses.

Utilising video communications and remote delivery, you will meet your prospective partners, clients, suppliers and collaborators to build the network you need to succeed in any market or any destination, promoting your products and services while establishing a commercial presence.

ViTex Sessions provide a place, online, for businesses to meet and to discuss trading opportunities as well as promote a region. The ViTex Team have access to over 30 destinations and are building this network so you can reach the markets you need.

At the moment, there are positive discussions with Argentina, Bulgaria, the Middle East and a number of cities in the USA. But where do you want to go to? Let Jeremy know & he will delve into his contact book & set up the best connections for you.

Each ViTex Session is no more than 2 hours and is hosted and facilitated to ensure all participants are engaged and generate real commercial collaborations. How does it work?

The Event starts with a 10-minute overview of each destination, delivered by experts in trade from that destination. Each participant is then paired with a likely business from the destination in a Breakout Room for 15 minutes, and then allocated to another room and so on, taking part in up to 5 meetings. We then reconvene and you agree your next steps - full contact information of all participants will be distributed after the Event.

Fees - £30 / €35 / $40. Delivered by 
Call us on 0 (+44) 78 31 14 80 64 

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