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The world has changed dramatically since the start of 2020, and nearly every business is still navigating what the ‘new normal’ means for them. For some, this has meant a radical rethink in order to stay productive and regain revenue, while for others it has meant adapting to serve new and emerging customer needs.

Sussex Innovation’s Hot House programme for summer 2020 has been redesigned in response to the challenges of lockdown, with six new coaching and consultancy packages for owners of scaling businesses to develop their plan of action, survive and then thrive.

If you’re part of the leadership or management team from an ambitious scale-up company - whether you’ve got 5 staff or 100 – it will help challenge your thinking, uncover new opportunities and grow your business. The Lead Out of Lockdown series is available as a course made up of six discrete modules. Founders can choose to either follow the entire course, or pick and choose the areas where they and their team need the most support.

Via Sussex Innovation’s partnership with the European Regional Development Fund, a number of modules will be available fully funded.*

The six packages of strategic support each include a combination of one-to- one coaching sessions with Sussex Innovation’s specialists, bespoke research and collaborative workshops, focusing on a different critical area of the business:

Leading out of lockdown
Feel more confident and capable as a leader by uncovering your core leadership skills and how to play to your strengths – using your natural personality, values and communication style to boost your team’s morale and productivity.

Market research: what now for your sector?
Get ahead of the competition by working with a team of researchers to understand the opportunities and pitfalls behind emerging technological, behavioural and commercial trends. Hear how your industry is responding to Covid-19, the financial picture and how your customers’ needs may have changed.

Stress-testing your business model
Reshape your business for the new normal, interrogating the key building blocks of your business in response to a changing world. Does your customer have the same needs and problems, and how do you serve new markets? Do your supply chain or resourcing model need an urgent, radical rethink?

Financial planning when cashflow is king
Get financially fit to weather the economic storm. Work with a team of accountants to navigate risk and stay ahead of your cashflow. Model best and worst-case scenarios, get advice on R&D tax credits and identify ways to maximise your financial position for the year ahead.

Reboot your sales and marketing
Cut through the noise and get actual customer engagement, with budgets stretched and audiences tuning out. Get your team focused on the activities that will make the biggest difference to the bottom line, with an agile plan to reach and then engage your ideal customers.

Media training for a noisy world
Get your story heard by developing clear messages and compelling stories. Learn how to hone both your personal and organisational brand into a concise narrative, then how to find and leverage the press best suited to help tell your story.

* With funding from the ERDF, qualifying SMEs can access either the market research module or any other two packages without charge.

Visit info.sinc.co.uk/lead-out-of-lockdown for more information and to book your course.

We wouldn't have considered a research-led approach, or had the resources to pull it off, without the team's help. It got us a foot in the door, helped us to reach a range of potential clients, and ultimately grow our business.

Alistair Crombie, One Research

It's like having a team of non-exec directors on your board - to me that's what it was. When you come to Sussex Innovation, they do everything that those non-exec directors are supposed to do.

Mark Bailey, Sciensus

They exceeded my expectations - Simon was patient, collaborative, respectful, and expertly guided me through a great marketing campaign process. His creative energy was delightfully infectious, and I left the session feeling excited and empowered.

Antoinette Daniel, Just Helpers

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