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We do this by curating and facilitating personalised and confidential peer workgroups, delivering bespoke training, providing business support services and enabling networking opportunities.

Our unique business diagnostic tools enable us to get a deep understanding of you and your business, connect you with the right individuals and groups and also, when needed, specialists from our network of expert advisors.

We have a unique depth of regional knowledge and we maintain long and close relationships with all our members. Because we believe that leadership is learnt and that the best leaders are authentic, we’ll help you stay true to yourself, support you to continue learning and challenge you with new ideas.

We are not a sales focused networking organisation and active selling is discouraged, and generally self-regulated by members. But of course members trade with each other – they build great relationships and have a deep knowledge of each other and their businesses.

MDHUB is a highly respected, confidential and supportive membership organisation for MDs and Directors to share their experiences and to grow as individuals.

  • Set up in 2002 as the HUB 100, we became the MDHUB in 2009.


  • A unique resource that can connect you with the people and services you need to support you and your business.


  • A provider of specialist knowledge and strategic insight.


  • Our knowledge of our members goes way beyond their business, we pride ourselves on understanding our MDs to help them get the best out of themselves.


  • We are trusted by them with levels of personal information that is as eye opening as it is relevant to our wider understanding of what drives them.


  • We encourage our team to work with as many businesses as possible outside of MDHUB, which gives them a wealth of experience to bring back to our members.


  • We find ourselves consulted on an extremely wide range of issues and often at extremely short notice. Our programmes, nicknamed “A Self-Help group for MDs” by one of our MDs, fulfil both a technical and emotional support role for our members who are guaranteed a sympathetic, supportive and, when required, challenging response from us and their peers.

If you are interested in finding out more about the MDHUB, please visit 
Email MDHUB Directors:
Fiona Shafer 
Phil Green 

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