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Over half of employers in the legal, tax and accountancy sectors are recruiting or planning to recruit within the next six months.

Ever since the UK plunged into lockdown, it has been hard to find positive news about the jobs market. However, a new survey by Harvey John reveals a far more positive outlook for the accountancy, tax and legal jobs markets than the headlines suggest.

Of the businesses interviewed, 52% were either already recruiting or are planning to recruit over the next six months.

David Waddell, Managing Director of Harvey John commented: “The start of lockdown seems like a long time ago now and it does feel like we’ve all gone through a period of adjustment, reflection and consolidation. The recruitment landscape has, of course, changed, but we’re reassured that there are pockets of business and optimism out there.

The Taxation sector survey also offered reasons to be hopeful - the survey of employers showed 58% looking to be active in the job market in the next six months.

The Harvey John survey found that an impressive 61% of employers in the Legal sector are actively planning for recruitment over the following half year. The survey results are based on 329 telephone interviews with clients and candidates in the accountancy, tax and legal sectors. The survey period was 23rd-30th June 2020.

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