Reports show that poor mental health will impact one in four people during their lifetime. In 2018, 15.4 million working days in the UK were lost due to workplace stress, depression or anxiety. As the world continues to battle the impacts of the virus, these figures are surely set to rise as many who have never suffered in the past are reporting problems with their mental health.

Workplace stress doesn’t just mean lost work days. It can also adversely effect creativity, innovation and others in the workplace. With mental health issues estimated at £2,500 per employee (pre Covid-19), Deloittes reported that the impact was upwards of £45 billion per annum for UK businesses.

This year has seen the familiar and comforting office dynamic rapidly change alongside the increase in Covid-related fear. This potent mix of accelerator change and fear causes the problem-solving parts of the brain to shut down resulting in increased anxiety, which left unchecked can develop into deep-seated depression.

Mental respite - Power of the POD 3

POD Wellness is an innovative massage and wellbeing studio with the mission to improve the health and happiness for people with on-the-go lifestyles offering accessible, affordable and convenient physical and mental therapies.

POD combines three powerful therapies into a single affordable and convenient 20-minute session for as a little as £22.50, helping customers achieve beneficial states of relaxation.

An immediate benefit of a high-tech contact-free POD massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm as the brain’s happy hormones are released. At the same time, levels of stress hormones reduce. Studies indicate that high levels of stress hormones not only impact mental wellbeing, but also impair the immune system, reducing the body’s ability to effectively heal itself.

Light creates more than just visual impressions. It promotes biological
and psychological effects that can positively impact our physical and mental wellbeing.

POD’s non-invasive and pain-free low intensity LED Light Therapy can lessen depression and improve mood during times of stress and the long winter months; stabilise our circadian rhythm, helping us get a better, and deeper nights sleep; as well as improving the appearance of our skin, reducing fine-lines and wrinkles, and alleviating acne.

POD uses two varieties of specialised audio – Binaural and Natural Soundscapes - to enable customers to access elevated states of calm, relaxation and focus. When Binaural and Natural Soundscapes are experienced over the course of a 20-minute POD massage therapy, heart rate and the body’s sympathetic ‘fight-or-flight’ response reduces leaving listeners feeling less stressed, more relaxed and better able to solve problems.


Partner with POD and invest in your employees’ mental health If you would like to discuss how POD Wellness can support the wellbeing of your staff with bespoke and discounted packages, contact Alex Collinson, POD Founder and Director on 07544 839145 or email brighton@elevateyourday.co.uk

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