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The Snowman™ Spectacular Online Auction

Raymond Briggs’ classic 1978 picture book, The Snowman™ is loved by many, but the themes and emotions particularly resonate...

Now is the time to invest in the mental health of your staff

Businesses have invested huge resources into the safe return of their employees since Covid-19. But how much will they be investing...

Collaboration is the key to driving positive change

There are growing calls for the highways sector to play a wider role in positively impacting public health – but is it possible?...

Hurst College wins Sporting Achievement Award

Hurst College has won the Sporting Achievement award in the 2020 Independent Schools of the Year Awards....

Could your business benefit from academic collaboration?

Sussex Innovation supports start-ups and scale-ups with their growth ambitions, but it’s more than simply a business incubator....

Why is business purpose so important?

We all changed aspects of the way we ran our businesses during the first phase of the Coronavirus pandemic. Some changes were mandatory,...

NatWest Webinar: The state of the economy...

On October 20th, we joined a fascinating webinar with Stephen Blackman, Principal Economist with the NatWest Group who shared his views...

NatWest South East PMI®

Latest UK regional PMI® data from NatWest indicated another sharp improvement in the South East’s private sector. The headline...

Seven reasons to have a pension review now

Roy Thompson, Partner at MHA Carpenter Box Financial Advisers, explains why everyone should be reviewing their pension arrangements...

Government leaves window open for entrepreneurs looking for exit

The government, in delivering its Winter Economy Plan this September, has left open the window for entrepreneurs looking for an exit...

Furlough scheme extended until March 2021

There is no denying the scale of support provided to businesses since the Spring, albeit at considerable cost to the taxpayer, not...

Tech Influencers Forum

Welcome to the Influencers Forum. The team of Tech Influencers around the table are experts in their field......

The top leadership skills to successfully drive your business

In April this year, Dani Weaver, an Organisational Psychologist and Helen Bailey, MD of Aviatrix, a strategic market research consultancy,...

Dr Adam Marshall

Dr Adam Marshall has been the British Chambers of Commerce Director General since 2016 and was previously Executive Director for Policy...

Audi RS6 Avant

Two years ago l made this model my Platinum Car of the Year and rightly so. Therefore, it bears looking at again to see if it has slipped...

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