The Sussex Business Show, part of Network Xpress, is not a standardised B2B Trade-show events company. Its founder, Sonny Cutting, shakes up the events industry with revolutionary ideas to breathe fresh air into the sector and support bringing new talent up the ranks. Uniquely positioned to help start-ups, SMEs and even individual Directors across Sussex, Sonny has introduced ventures such as the Tiger’s Pen, to help start-ups scale up in business.

Originally designed with start-ups in mind, The Tiger’s Pen offers more than just investment, with the Tigers also offering guidance, advice and wisdom from decades of experience. So far, the venture has helped several businesses flourish and grow far beyond their humble roots. The opportunity is for energetic entrepreneurs wanting to take the reins of their business and strive to achieve. The jungle is alive with fresh prospects and with new investor Tigers requesting to join, keep your ears open for their roars.

On January 11th, the Tiger’s Pen will be launching a special edition at The University of Brighton, where Business Management BSc (Hons) and International Business Management BSc (Hons) students will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges associated with The Tiger’s Pen, and the Sussex Business Show, and also from the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce.

The Tigers, the majority of whom are entrepreneurs themselves, will listen carefully to the students’ business pitches and will give individual, practical and realistic feedback about the students’ start-up ideas.

Students will work together in teams; to construct their own business start-up ideas. They will creatively develop their ideas using sound business reasoning including production costs, market research, market strategy, pricing, legal implications and so on. They then present their proposals to the panel of commercially experienced ‘Tigers’ who’ll sink their teeth into these new student projects.

Although no real funding is allocated at the event, this initiative simulates a situation in which students could find themselves during their future career. For example, where they would need to present an idea or solution to the senior management team of an organisation, to customers or to potential investors.

A few prizes are on offer to students who will pitch live at the event:

Best presentation: Who performed best as a group (with an on-the-day prize).

Best idea: Who had the best idea (this group will be showcased at the Sussex Business Show on May 5th with the chance to win up to £5,000 investment, mentoring and access to the wildcard prize).

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