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Let’s be honest: if you want your business to attract clients or customers and to be at the top of your industry, you need to effectively market your company or brand to the outside world. Of course, you know that already… 

But which channels should you use? Should you be on Pinterest or would LinkedIn work better? How long should your blog articles be? How often do you need to add fresh content to your website? 

An in-house marketing director with a six-figure salary is out of the question (and budget). So as a business owner, your options are limited. You could employ a junior marketing exec with a surface-level understanding of the different areas of marketing – but they will likely get swamped by all the different requirements or end up getting pulled back into urgent day-to-day tasks. And before you know it, your business Facebook page won’t have seen any activity in over three months.

Another option would be to outsource the marketing requirements to an expert freelancer. But who then co-ordinates the different freelancers? Typically, this route leads to added pressure on the managing director, who is already short on time. This then leaves the option of outsourcing to a traditional marketing agency, which also has its flaws: namely, sky-high costs. 

So, what’s the answer?

Well, what if I said you could have all your written content produced and publicised for you in relevant local and national publications? All while having your social media channels constantly monitored and your website continually optimised to ensure it drives relevant traffic.

Alongside this, picture your professional company e-newsletter going out to potential customers every month and your Google AdWords account not only being managed but also optimised to reduce monthly spend. 

Imagine your website is hosted by someone who not only knows how to update the software and fix things quickly when required – but who also has the creative ideas to keep your website evolving.

To top all this off, you could also have creative, design and development support available on tap – from a team that is already up to speed on your business. 

Sounds good, right? At Hyped Marketing, our diverse and talented team of in-house experts make all this possible – providing tangible results without any hassle or confusing terminology. Unlike traditional agencies, we handle all the marketing requirements of small to medium businesses through our unique and proven packages which start from as little as £1,595 per month. 

So, what are you waiting for? Call Hyped Marketing today on 01252 717373 to speak to one of our expert team and discover how we can help your business reach its full potential.

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