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The Carlton Tower Jumeirah

Step into a world of opulence and impeccable service at The Carlton Tower Jumeirah, a haven nestled in the heart of London. By Tess...

A CEO of some heritage

Who knew that one of the biggest spare parts specialists for classic VW and Porsche cars in the world is based in pretty cool and sunny...

Herbs for healing

Consider looking at your windowsill or in your garden rather than immediately turning to the medicine cabinet when feeling the bothersome...

The value of great customer care for your business

Providing great customer care – including asking for honest feedback –  is good for your business. The feedback you...

The motherhood penalty

Workplaces across the country aren’t providing working mothers with the support packages, pay-rises and promotions they need...

Spotlight: Kristina Pereckaite

From starting with five members in November 2020, South East Angels has grown to become the most active angel investor group in Brighton,...

Spotlight: Jarmila Yu

Jarmila is the Founder, Consulting Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of YUnique Marketing. Here she tells us of her journey...   Like...

Fear of flexible working

Juliet Turnbull, founder and CEO of 2to3days, recommends employers take a flexible approach to flexible working, especially if they...

Flexibility for parents is key to resolving UK job vacancies

Rhiannon Williams, Managing Director of strategic PR and Communications agency Zen Communications, explains how there is an untapped...

Melanie Sykes: illuminating autism

For many years, Melanie Sykes was a regular face on TV, in shows such as ‘Today with Des and Mel’, ‘The Big Breakfast’...

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