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Rockinghorse Children’s Charity becomes the official charity partner of the Dynamic Business Awards

The Sussex charity is proud to have been chosen as the charity partner for Platinum Media Group’s premier women’s business...

Motoring: The Kuga - never knowingly understated

If ever a name was not befitting a car, this was probably the one. Rather naively, perhaps, I do have an immediate expectation of...

The growing importance of kindness in business

Despite the uncertain times we live in and the bad news we watch daily on our screens, we live in a world where kindness is all around...

How to break the bias

Women experience bias and barriers in the workplace, in day-to-day interactions and in the wider work-place system. Women experience...

Gender pay gap

A recent survey looked at the worst and best regions in the UK when it comes to gender pay. It is fascinating to read that right here...

New year, new you...

A new year marks new beginnings and a clean slate – so the start of the new tax year on April 6th 2022 is the perfect time to...

Meet the new director

Having recently joined NatWest as the Regional Director for London West, Sussex and Surrey, could you give us some details of your...

The Rose Review reports third year of progress

The Rose Review Progress Report 2022 on female entrepreneurship sets out the full extent of progress made since the inaugural report...

The ultimate super achiever

Taking an eight-figure gamble on a gambling start-up in the UK may not sound the wisest of businesses decision. But when Denise Coates...

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