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If you’re looking for a business event with a big difference, then this is the one for you. The Summit is a low-impact, high-return networking event with like-minded business people, but it is so much more. It’s the most productive and beneficial day out of the office all year, so make sure you put a big red cross against 12th October in your diary and book your ticket now.

The day is a heady mix of exciting keynote speakers sharing their views on challenging, timely and inspirational topics; dynamic workshops; and supportive networking. There are plenty of food and drink pitstops throughout the day, provided by some of Brighton’s best foodie businesses.

The theme for the 2018 Summit is ‘Look Up’

After the turbulence of recent years, business owners and entrepreneurs could be forgiven for drawing in their horns, retrenching, looking inwards, and doing everything in their power not to rock the boat.

But businesses in and around Brighton are different. There’s a quality that infuses our city and radiates out from its heart: a spirit of optimism, open-mindedness, and opportunity. A spirit that means we zig while others zag, from SMEs to big business, and this is best expressed as ‘Look Up’.

Look Up means finding opportunities where others see problems. It means engaging with the world – next door, the next community, over the sea – not closing ourselves off. And it means being here now, living in the moment, and not worrying – unduly – about yesterday or tomorrow. As Oscar Wilde wrote: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

The day is designed to celebrate the spirit that propels the city and makes it such a dynamic region in which to do business.

Who should go?

The Summit is for anyone in and around Brighton who wants to evolve and grow their business. It’s relevant for all kinds of enterprise: from SMEs to start-ups; from multinationals to social enterprises and charities; whether you’re a business owner, a CEO or manager, an entrepreneur or an employee.

What will you get out of it?

You’ll get fresh perspective and be inspired to take time out from your work activities to look up and smell the coffee. You’ll find approaches and ways of working that are genuinely new to you, as well as skills and techniques to help your organisation thrive. And if you’re looking for tools and confidence to do things differently or you’re seeking permission to take risks, you’ll find that too. 

Brighton Chamber has now announced its first keynote speaker as Katherine Courtney, former CEO of the UK Space Agency. 

Katherine now provides board level strategic advice, helping innovative tech businesses start strong and scale up. She’s the founder of SpaceSouth, an initiative to grow the South Coast space economy, and PrimarySpace, building STEM engagement for primary schools.

Make sure you follow Brighton Chamber on Twitter so you see more information on Katherine’s speech as it’s announced. 

Support from the Brighton business community

The event would not be the same without support from local organisations. The headline sponsor of this year’s Summit, for the sixth time, is Cardens Accountants. Other event sponsors include Werks Group, Brighton Metropolitan College, Lawton & Dawe, Joosr, Barclays Eagle Labs, EMW Law and Talent4Performance. 

Reborn are the branding partner (you can see the new Summit branding in these pages); Madison Web Solutions are the website partner; and Gemini Print are the print partners. Chimera Communications and Platinum Business Magazine are the media partners.

Previous delegates on the Summit: 

“The Summit was amazing, I had so many brilliant conversations and it was a really good way to get my brand more well-known. Thank you to all of you for putting on such a fantastic event!” - Grace Lawless, Managing Director, Veriteam

“A slicker, more content laden event could not be found anywhere – indeed it gets better year by year.” - Emma Cleary, Ten2Two Sussex

“Speaking at The Brighton Summit last year and subsequently joining the Chamber has allowed me to tap into a network of passionate, highly skilled individuals and organisations. A lot of the people I met at the Summit and afterwards through the Chamber network have become my friends. I very much look forward to attending the Summit this year.” - Daisy Cresswell, Liberty842

Special Offer

For readers of Platinum Business magazine, there’s a special £10 discount. All you have to do is enter discount code ‘Platinum’ when booking. 

Date: 12th October 2018

Time: 8.30am-6pm

Venue: The Clarendon Centre, 47 New England St, Brighton BN1 4GQ  

To book tickets visit  

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