2019 Super Growth Winner WEB

The Sussex Super Growth Awards 2020 is a collaboration between asb Law, Lloyds Bank and Kreston Reeves. It recognises the achievements of those businesses across the county who have experienced the fastest growth, whether True Sussex Businesses, Exporters or Other Major players.

This year there are two new categories for businesses to participate; Exporters - Sussex businesses with the fastest international growth and Other Major Players – trading in Sussex but owned outside of the county. 

The entry criteria:

• True Sussex - A privately-owned business trading and led from the county.
• Exporters - A Sussex business with fastest international growth.
• Other Major Players – trading in Sussex but owned outside of the county. 
• Growth in turnover measured over a 4-year accounting period based on latest full accounts.
• Information filed at Companies House as at July 1st 2019.
• Minimum turnover of £2m in base year and positive turnover growth in latest year.
• Profitable growth in the period.

Inclusion in the Awards is free and based on the accounts filed at Companies House over the last four years. Should your business meet the entry criteria above but has not filed full accounts in the last four years please send these to paul.roe@krestonreeves.com by Monday December 2nd 2019.

Paul Roe, Partner at Kreston Reeves comments: “Sussex Super Growth 2020 is the most exclusive member’s club for businesses operating in Sussex, who are contributing to the local economy and we want to recognise this growth and the achievement of their business in these challenging times.”


Nicola Billen, Partner and Head of Business Relationships at asb law commented: “We all know that the last few years have been incredibly challenging for businesses. Uncertainty over what will unfold in the future has undoubtedly affected business confidence and investment and continues to do so. Yet, despite this, Sussex Super Growth 2020 is back to celebrate those that are facing these issues head on and still achieving remarkable growth. These companies deserve to be recognised and celebrated. We are delighted to be able to work with businesses to help them address their own challenges, achieve growth and deliver shareholder value.”

Gavin Potter, Growth Relationship Director, at Lloyds Gatwick office, commented: ‘’With the Super Growth Awards now an established fixture on the Sussex business calendar, we look forward to another successful opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our most successful fast-growth companies.’’ 

Sponsors will visit the businesses who have achieved the fastest growth and they will be ranked in order which will be revealed at an Awards breakfast, hosted by writer and broadcaster Simon Fanshawe OBE, on Wednesday March 18th 2020 at The American Express Community Stadium. There will be the opportunity to network with other growth businesses throughout the year. 

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