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The company’s sales team is based across the UK and Ireland and EVM Direct keeps its finger on the pulse of the bus industry through their active sales and marketing activity and in-depth knowledge of the sector. The company’s after-sales network provides support to the thousands of supplied vehicles throughout the UK and Ireland.

EVM’s Founder and Managing Director, Danny McGee has over 25 years experience in this manufacturing sector and established the business in 2010. His co-Director, Peter Flynn is the Sales Director having joined the company in 2011 and has been instrumental in the growth and success of the company over the last 9 years.

Based in Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath in Ireland, EVM manufactures Mercedes- Benz Sprinter luxury and accessible minibus in configurations from 8 to 22 seats.

While EVM UK is very focused on sales and after-sales, it must always take a view of the factory loading for their manufacturing facility by ensuring there are enough chassis in the supply line to match potential sales and keep a regular supply of finished product for the market, and to ensure the most effective and efficient use of factory build slots. This is achieved by selling build slots as far in advance as possible and securing available slots with stock builds, where possible, to maximise output.

EVM as a company are export focused, with dealers currently operating in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. Their export market accounts for 33 % of their total production.

EVM’s customers come from a diverse range of sectors. Currently they are suppling to 4 of the 5 large bus operators providing public transport across the UK. They have maintained the No 1 position of supplying to the tourism and travel sector over the last number of years and recently entered the school transport and mobility sector, with the development of a range of entry level wheelchair accessible and home to school vehicles and they have seen tremendous success in this area.

Like a lot of businesses, Covid 19 has had a massive effect on their business with both facilities having been closed during the lockdown period and only a handful of the after-sales and finance support working remotely to support their customers.

During this period, it has been vital to support their suppliers and customer base by facilitating a delay in delivery of their new vehicles. Most customers have practically shutdown operations for a short period and are now managing a slow re-emergence into the new restrictions in travel and transport that have been brought about by Covid-19. While many customers are happy to proceed as ordered, quite a few want to push their vehicles back to September 2020 and March 2021 and beyond, these being the vehicles registration, and they are working hand in hand with their suppliers to ensure they can make this happen.

Developing and launching a range of wheelchair accessible minibuses to increase the offering and develop a supply line to the public sector to include Councils, Care Homes, Schools, Dial and Ride, Community Groups, Education Boards and general Health Services. They have been working on this segment over the last few year’s to access, and be listed on, frameworks for supply through the tender process. The company have had some great success already in 2019/2020 with tender supply to Transport for Wales, South Gloucestershire Council, Kent Country Council, Education and Library Boards.

EVM are currently working on a range of electric and hybrid drive vehicles for passenger transport. The world is rapidly moving in this direction and EVM are investing heavily in developing a range of vehicles for launch in early 2021 to keep pace with emerging technologies and to ensure the entire business is as ecologically responsible as possible.

The company moved their banking to the NatWest group almost 3 years ago and since then they have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Dan Sibley and his team at NatWest.

Founder Danny McGee said “They support us very well with our day to day requirements. During the Covid lockdown period, we looked to Dan and his team for support through C Bills to cover our short to medium term strategy. NatWest delivered the package we required which will see us work through the current pandemic and come out the other side a stronger and leaner company with our customers by our side.”

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