In our daily grind, stress often feels like an unwelcome guest, showing up at work, home, and even affecting our health. We’ve come to perceive stress as a negative force which keeps us feeling lost in a maze with symptoms like anxiety, tension, irritability and fatigue.

But what if we could flip the script and turn stress into a driving force? The secret lies in understanding the power of purpose. When we lead a purposeful life, the habitual stress that stems from frustration, resentment or anger can transform into a source of fuel that can help us live the life we truly want to live both at work and at home.

Living with purpose means taking a step back from all the noise and outside pressures that often dictate your choices. It’s about digging deep into your core values, who you truly are, and what really matters to you. Purpose isn’t some fancy word; it’s a deep personal journey that helps align your actions with what you truly want.

I discovered my purpose early on: drumming. Despite the voices around me insisting I get a ‘proper’ job, I dedicated myself to it fully, and as a result, I had the privilege of touring the world as a drummer. Around 12 years ago, as I prepared to become a father, that purpose began to fade.

I knew I needed a new one, and I committed to finding it. It wasn’t easy, but by using the tools I’m sharing with you in this article, I found a new purpose which led to the creation of my business ‘On Being Men’ – a space for driven men to discover the clarity, confidence, and courage needed to live with purpose and avoid burnout.

If you’re at a stage in your life where you want to align yourself with purpose, these steps can help:

• Find what drives you: There are things that pull you naturally. Even when you’re tired or unclear you’re still motivated to do them. In my case, it was drumming at first, and then it was a strong desire to help others find their purpose. What’s your drive?

• Be OK with your pain: Purpose often arises from the challenges and pains we’ve experienced personally. My own journey of overcoming years of depression, searching for purpose, and failing in past relationships now fuels the work we do at ‘On Being Men’.

• Know and use your values: Identify what truly matters to you in life. These values act like your personal GPS, helping you make the right decisions, connect with the right people, and avoid distractions that don’t serve your goals.

• Surround yourself with like-minded people: Taking part in a supportive community of like-minded individuals can provide you with the support, encouragement and feedback you need on your journey. It’s a great source of strength.

• Grow your self-awareness: Realise that every action or inaction you take has a big impact on the world around you – your family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers. Understanding this can help you make more conscious choices that will align you with your purpose and lead to positive impact.

• Grow in 360º: Develop a broad range of both masculine and feminine traits. The more you can cultivate qualities such as clarity, confidence, and leadership alongside traits like empathy, compassion, and understanding, the better equipped you will be to effectively cope with stress and challenges.

• Stay in the Growth Zone: Instead of sticking to your comfort zone or pushing yourself to burnout, aim for the growth zone. Challenge yourself and listen to your inner voice to ensure you’re pushing your boundaries in the areas where you genuinely want to grow. Do better today than yesterday and compare yourself to yourself. Not to others.

In conclusion, deviating from your purpose can make stress a constant, unwanted companion—a burden you’d rather avoid. But you can change this by discovering your purpose. It might not be easy, it can take time, your challenges may actually become more significant, but so will your capacity to confront them. Living with purpose brings clarity, confidence, and courage, making life more meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling. This is where stress shifts from being a burden to becoming a source of fuel.

Yaron Engler is the Founder of On Being Men.

For guidance on purpose and a fulfilling life at work and home, visit: www.onbeingmen.com

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