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Movers & Shakers

How do you cut through the white noise of recruitment? You lower the volume. ...

Hiring graduate talent

The Catalyst programme, a placement scheme run by SINC to support University of Sussex graduates, is entering its sixth year. Project...

Gatwick's growth plan

Gatwick has just announced its master plan which maps out the airport’s ongoing development and growth into the early 2030s....

Tricky areas and practical guidance for employers

Adam Williams and Phil Vallon of DMH Stallard’s Employment team highlight the issues businesses need to consider as they prepare...

The logistics of gender equality

The haulage industry can be regarded as a male-dominated industry, but that has not been the experience of Danielle Bunn, Co-owner...

Planning or failing?

The phrase “Failing to plan is planning to fail”, or some variation on that refrain, will be familiar to anyone and everyone...

Power, PR & Passion

Aneela Rose, founder of Rose Media Group, is a successful business owner, a mother and a World Champion Powerlifter. In-between juggling...

Brighton & Hove Business Awards 2019

What it means to win......

Ursula’s Army is on its way?

Ian Trevett profiles Ursula von der Leyen, the incoming President of the European Commission: and a committed federalist and an advocate...

The Gatwick Diamond Business Awards 2020 are on their way...

Chief Executive of Gatwick Diamond Business, Jeff Alexander, on the preparations for next year’s Awards ceremony ...

What is all the fuss about Cloud accounting?

Accessing your data virtually and controlling your financials has never been easier says Carol Rigby, Partner at Cardens Accountants...

Inheritance tax review

How could changes affect you and your family?...

Expanding overseas

How to take your company global and what to consider when trading abroad...

What you need to know before you sell your old gold jewellery

Gold jewellery can be beautiful as well as precious. But would you wear pieces that are old, unfashionable or simply not to your taste?...

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